Producer Michelin Shin teams up with Youngs Teflon for a “thugs need love, too” track that actually works.

The reason that songs like this don’t usually work (with some exceptions) is that they don’t really focus on the things that the person the song is about does to make the thug in question feel love.  This is what this song really gets right as Youngs Teflon address all the things that his woman does for him that makes him cherish her so much.  The best part of it is that they aren’t really big things; they are the small, everyday things that a person does that sets them apart from everyone else in your life.

The second verse goes on to express how he repays her loyalty and love with is own.  Also, not huge things; but believable and never veers off into non-essential information about the other women who want him or how much money he has.  It truly is a song about a relationship and how they connect to one another.

And, of course, we can’t end things without talking about the production.  The beat of the track is oddly dark for a song of this type but, given how this relationship and their lives are framed, it does somehow work.  It helps convey a bit of a misfit theme.  Two people who probably couldn’t make it work with anyone else, make it work together.  It’s likely the lowkey piano in certain sections that sells it for the concept.  It gives you that bright spot in the darkness that the lyrics themselves seem to convey.

Altogether this is a solid track and one that really understand what the point of itself is.  Definitely worth a few listens.

Click one of the links below the player to get Michelin Shin’s freelease, Chef’s Specials, which includes this track.

Hoodtapes – Michelin Shin – Chef’s Specials

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