Careful, Monsta X; don’t slip back into try-hard territory.

We praised Monsta X for their last EP based on the fact that they seemed to be coming out of the overdone bravado and sliding into a more stabilized style that was still high energy but was more polished and less all-over-the-place.  Their new EP falls somewhat back to form, but not entirely and it will probably work for them in the long run.

The first two tracks of the TCP2G are very original release Monsta X, lots of beat switching in the production and lots of bravado.  What they don’t fully do is slide into that area where the tracks become unlistenable due to how much they have going on in them.  It seems clear that the group will always have this a core part of their persona (and that’s fine), but we like it when there’s a method to the chaos like there is here.

Those tracks do seem a little out of place when compared with the other four tracks on the EP, as they are much more in line with the first The Clan.  What unites everything is the vocal and rap delivery, which is high energy and far better in the harmony department than we were expecting.  It seems that the first two tracks were there to set the tone and give fans who may have felt a little alienated by the last EP something to connect to while still bringing them along for the ride.

While not quite as good as the previous set, this is still worth a few listens, if only to get a bridge between the stylistic duality of this group.  We just hope the next set is a little more cohesive.

Our favorite songs are Roller Coaster and Blind.  The most skippable tracks are Be Quiet (because of how much it reminds us of Hero) and Fair Girl.