Short, sweet, and to the point, Junggigo’s new track has a sexy throwback feel that is just perfect for greeting fall and getting your freak on.

The length of the song may not be an accident as the situation it describes is that of man who has had a one night stand with a woman who is more than willing never to see him again, even though he’s eager for the experience again.  Junggigo’s falsetto is a winner on this track, but it’s the way that he tempers it with just the occasional drop to the tenor/baritone octave for certain notes adds that hint of sexiness that works for the track.  The production, which is a mellow seventies funk, gives that Studio 54 feel, which is also not accidental.  The whole song evokes an era of excess and freedom that may have found a resurgence in the modern era.

We’re really curious to see what the name of his upcoming album is as the first part of the video either leaves it out or it’s actually called And It’s Called _______.

Sidenote: We are now really eager to see a duet between Junggigo and ELO.  They could be our South Korean Tuxedo.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.