Giving fans a taste of what they have been waiting for, JoJo drops the title track to her upcoming album to eager ears.

Over a brassy doo-wop production, the young songstress lets her vocals shine as she sings about a love that has its up and downs but is strong enough to withstand the trials.  And the vocals are the entire show here.  The way she goes up and down the scales and in and out of adlibs is expert and reminds us all why she has managed to stay on the minds of her fans even through all her career hurdles (in fact, we’re pretty sure that’s what this song’s about).

The production is almost typical of the style of song, but it adds some modern elements to keep things interesting.  Had it been anymore distinct, it might have been too much for the ears to handle, but the occasional brass stings and drum beat keep it from becoming dull.  The lyrics for the track are pretty clear without being too much about a certain type of love.  Except for the overarching metaphor that this is a love letter to her fans, they’re not overly complex either.  That means that every listener can get something out of it and apply it to a situation that works for them.  That allows a larger audience to make a strong connection to the material.

The album Mad Love. will be released October 14.