Epic Vixx is back!

While we know that artists have to grow and change, we can’t help but feel a little deprived as Vixx has released more singles with upbeat and bright concepts.  So we are so happy to see them step back into the Zelos mode and give an almost operatic track about living in a fantasy to deny loss.

To say that this will likely top our list of tracks of the year (no matter what part of the world they come) from is an understatement.  The group has always had a gift for balancing the visual in a sonic in a way that doesn’t leave either wanting and leaves the listener and viewer completely satisfied.  Ravi brings the heat with his rhymes in a way that fits in fine with the more classical elements of the production and sung vocals.  And the vocals are great; lush with harmonies but allowing each member to stand apart from the others to get just a little focus.

The production straddles the line of being almost too much and overshadowing the singers, but it never crosses it.  It feels almost like fifth vocalist adding its own color the track in a way that isn’t separate from the song.  The beat switches that happen do so in a way that fits the theme and don’t veer so far that they feel jarring.  It feels like each section is its own movement, but it doesn’t feel like each section is a part of different song.

This track is also a lyrical powerhouse as it address a somewhat common theme in a way that is different and makes the listener/reader think about what they are saying.  It would have been very easy to let the visuals and production speak for themselves and the fact that they didn’t take that route is great.

pop!gasa is our translation fantasy…

I made a wish under the bloodshot sky
(I believe)
That this would all be a dream when I open my eyes
But it didn’t come true
Exhausted, I’ve lost my way
Please take me anywhere
I’ll do anything

Someone help
I know that it’s over
Someone help
The end of you was me
My fantasy will swallow everything
It’ll change everything

It’s just a fantasy
Pain comes up like thorns
Like a night that lost the moon
An empty sign
My tragedy
If there’s only one way that opens
Please save me, fantasy

Get back up,
off that dream
(Off that dream)

The addiction that fills me
Pierces my heart
It rides me and thickly flows
My burnt and black heaven
My love that grew from that sadness
It chokes me, makes me lost all day

Someone help
I know that it’s too late
Someone help
Even if it’s late
My fantasy in my embrace will stop everything
I want to live in that place

It’s just a fantasy
Pain comes up like thorns
Like a night that lost the moon
An empty sign
My tragedy
If there’s only one way that opens
Please save me, fantasy

Fantasy, you spill onto me
You’re my tragedy, my remaining everything
In my stolen heart, in my crooked fate
Fantasy, fantasy

In just one moment, like smoke
You spread throughout my body
I’m drinking you in

Pain pain, I can be in more pain
Even if I get torn apart and cut by knives
I only need to have you
Your existence is heaven and hell
The standard to divide that line
I promised to be your angel
You need to have me

It’s just a fantasy
Pain rises from here and there
With broken lights, the sign fills up
My tragedy, I’ll give you my everything
So give yourself back to me, fantasy

Fantasy (Just my fantasy)
In each place (Oh you remain)
So I can’t even erase you
My fantasy fantasy

It’s all mine, it’s my fantasy