Jhené Aiko knows how to keep her musical life balanced.  For every Post 2 Be or Twenty88 that has a more fun bent to its sound and content, she has things like her last couple of solo projects and this track to be a little more introspective.

Vocally, this is par for the course for Aiko.  Her tone is soft but assured with the pitch staying in the mid-alto range.  While we would like her to vary it up more, it works with the style that she tends to gravitate towards.  The production of this track will immediately catch fans of the singer as it can pretty much be seen as her signature sound at this point.  Starting off slow and gaining a little more momentum towards the middle of the track, the beatwork is meant to highlight the lyrics and make you focus on them.  It’s the kind of track that seems meant to transition for the transitory nature of the summer months to that of fall.  It doesn’t feel like a mood killer despite the slow tempo, and the added energy towards the end keeps you from tuning out.

The track, about finding someone who makes you better by balancing out your faults with their strengths, comes off like a love letter to someone who has brought light to her life; it’s important that the lyrics are highlighted and really understood.  It feels like she’s professing her love to this man and letting him know that she’s willing to go the long haul with him (given the current state of her marriage, we wonder when this was originally written).

No word on whether this is a one-off release or the precursor to a new album.