Mishon is always right on time with a good track and this time he’s also on time with hella good love for his lady.

This track has that laidback vibe, which goes well with the theme of Mishon giving his woman the good loving she needs when she needs it.  The vocals are the highlight of the track as the singer does a good job flushing out the somewhat lowkey production.  The production and the vocals work together well as the underlying beat gives enough energy to the vocals to make this a little more than a throwaway slow jam.  Mishon’s adlibs keep the listener engaged and rewinding to hear that spin he put on the last section.

The downside of the track is the lyrics which, while cohesive as a story, are nothing special and don’t really stick with you after listening.  It’s likely the song title was meant to be what sticks with you after the song is over, but it doesn’t really stand out among songs with similar titles.

This is a pretty good buzz track, though, and we hope it’s a precursor to another project like 02.04.15.