Featured on the Suicide Squad soundtrack, Kehlani seems to be channeling her inner Harleen Quinzel as she emotes her longing for a bad boy who can match her damaged persona.  Short and sweet, the track has a dark production that pulses with the chaotic energy of a mentally disturbed person who is able to diagnose their own maladies.

The Harley Quinn feels might be no accident as director David Ayer has said the song is going to play  significant role in the movie.  The you got me hanging from the ceiling line is something we saw The Clown Prince of Crime’s disturbed lady love doing in the trailers.  This might also account for the brevity of the track, which feels like it just kind of stops towards the end before reaching its climax.

Sidenote: Suicide Squad: The Album looks like it might be worth a buy.  It remains to be seen if it will be the best part of the movie or just a really good component.