NCT 127 is another subunit of the massive SM group NCT. The 127 refers to the longitude of Seoul, making it seem like this is the group that’s going to be doing a majority of promotions in Korea.  While there are members in common with NCT U, the style of music seems to be a little more pop-centric than that subunit.

Members Taeil, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Mark, Yuta, WinWin, and Haechan have excellent musical chemistry as one of the first things that you notice is that the harmonies are on point.  The sung vocals are strong as well as the members’ voices are distinct and strong.  The rapping can be iffy, as there seems to be a lot of syllable forcing.  The production for the album is good but many of the songs have intricate sounds and can sound massively overproduced on the wrong audio setup (we recommend a good set of headphones).

This is a solid first effort, though, and songs like Wake Up and Another World really sell it.  The most skippable track is Switch.

Sidenote: If you’re wondering why we didn’t post the video for Fire Truck, it’s because the visuals actually make the song worse.  We found that it was much easier to focus on the music without the overly-amped nature of the visual.  To be fair to it, though, the dance steps look like they are going to be amazing on a live stage.

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