Ameriie is no stranger to the mixtape game; despite it coming out everywhere but America, Because I Love It had a strong mixtape (of the same name) that preceded it.  So it should be no surprise that she has given her fans a freEP to cure that seven-year drought they’ve been on.

The first track, Every Time, and the final track, Out Loud, are not new as the came out in 2012 and 2015 respectively, but everything else you hear will be new material.  And while Out Loud is the only song done with the production help of Rich Harrison (the person who crafted the singer’s biggest and most long-lasting tracks), this set still manages to encapsulate everything that we have come to love about Ameriie.  Her vocals have the little extra something that set her apart from her contemporaries and paid some homage to her Korean roots.  Her songwriting is still as strong as ever with her being able to tell a good story about her subject in way that succinct yet satisfying.  The collective effect is something that is good when you first hear it and better with each subsequent listen.

The singer has said to expect more from her this year as she is planning to release another freEP sometime in July.  She is still working on her Cymatika album.

You can either download the tracks individually by clicking the arrow in the player or in one package by clicking the button below it.

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