Over a smooth production, Bizzy (of MFBTY) lets his lady know just how much he cares for her in his first solo single in a while.

Bizzy can more than hold his own on a track, but it’s interesting to see him go in a less backpack-y direction this time around.  Of course, that might be because the #LadiesLoveBizzy.  Not that this song is soft or disinteresting; his flow is good and he does some nice switch-ups from time to time.  The lyrics are fairly straightforward but not overly simplistic and convey something that works in any language.  His vocalist for the track, Bumzu, has a perfect sound for this track with a laidback vibe to his tone that balances out Bizzy’s more gruff delivery.

We’re not always used to him doing solo work, but Bizzy had his own career before teaming up his friends Yoonmirae and Tiger JK.  It’s good he’s getting this chance to shine (with a little backup from his friends).

Sidenote:  Am I looking at Tablo towards the end of the video, dancing with everybody, in the bucket hat?

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the lyrics.