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It may already be time to call The Year in K-Pop 2016 because it’s going to take a Herculean effort to top the sheer energy, joy and Conan-ness of J.Y. Park’s insanely catchy “Fire.”

Embracing the cheesy rock style of the eighties (fittingly enough considering that the Wonder Girls, who had their own eighties inspired release last year, make an appearance in “Fire” as one hell of an overqualified backup band) with all the enthusiasm of a starving child in a candy shop, “Fire” is an absolute blast. The song keeps its party-atmosphere propelling forward with relentlessly delirious snare beats, bouncing synths and a key instrumental break that strikes the perfect balance between hilariously corny and cliched. And as good as the production is (and it’s pretty much flawless), J.Y. Park finds the right ways to elevate “Fire” to new heights. The man brings out some straight on-point falsetto work and intermixes it…

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