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Minzy Officially Leaves 2NE1 – Group to Continue with Three Members


After reports regarding 2NE1‘s Minzy being in talks with different agencies surfaced, YG Entertainment held a press conference to give an official statement about 2NE1′s future as well as the rumors about Minzy leaving the group.

YG Entertainment has explained that 2NE1 will be continuing forward without Minzy.

Below is their official statement:

This is YG Entertainment’s official statement regarding the rumors of 2NE1 disbanding.

We are sorry to bring this regrettable news to 2NE1′s fans who have waited for a long time.

We are officially informing you that 2NE1′s maknae Gong Minzy will no long be able to be a part of 2NE1.

YG’s contract with 2NE1 expires on May 5, 2016. Last January, we had individual face-to-face talks with…

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