What is the difference between a bitch, a hoe, and a woman?  Jhené Aiko knows.

Back in January, Jhené Aiko dropped a surprise track (which has now been removed) on her SoundCloud account that summed up some the thoughts of many women who lament the lack of distinction between the different labels that women get from men…especially those who like to get their run around on.  While very similar in tone to her solo work over the past five years, the vocal delivery seemed to mix things up a little more as she seemed to incorporate some of her internet rap persona into the track end drop some bars at the end.

The video itself is a bit of departure from Aiko’s style as it does not contain a storyline or any metaphorical meaning like her previous ones.  This is more about the singer making the listener focus in on her (which, in a way, is the point of the song so maybe it is thematic) to really get her point across.

Aiko is reportedly working on the follow-up to 2014’s Soul’d Out but has not revealed any details on the project other than it’s in the works and should be out before the end of the year.  It is assumed that this is meant to be the first single from that upcoming work.