While we’re pretty sure the combination of any word and chill will probably wear itself out as a term in short order, we are completely down for the music that is coming from its overuse.

Soulection has gotten together a group of its in-house DJs for a set of eight mixes (there are only five in the player, likely due to copyright issues) that are meant to help set the mood in any chill circumstance you find yourself in.  There are not just short mixes either; most of them bump up against an hour and flow nearly seamlessly into each other, making for a great background soundtrack for most activities.  The sounds are smooth yet eclectic, which means there is enough bump and beat switch to make sure that you don’t get sleepy.

There is a nice mix of well-known and little known tracks here, so keep your music ID app handy, though there might be an issue with some of the instrumentals as they sample of other tracks.

To download the project in one package, click the Mediafire button; to download them individually, click the Artist’s Website button.

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