Reaching into the realm of blues, JMSN follows up his 2014 self-titled album with a release that seems to promise the same emotional resonance with improved vocals.

Cruel Intentions is about the desire to reach out for affection even when it means hurting yourself or someone else.  The song’s theme and production are a perfect match as there is a sadness that wraps its way through the lyrics that would have seemed out of place with a happier beat.  The lyrics for this song are a little more straightforward than they were on The Blue Album but they don’t seem dull as much as they are honest.  The best part is that his vocals, while not perfect, are much improved over the last release and allow the singer/producer to really put the emotion out there and it is good.

JMSN’s new album, It Is., comes out May 6.  Click the shopping cart in the player to pre-order it from JMSN’s website and the button below it to pre-order it from iTunes.

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