I would rather blaze a trail/Then to follow your lead

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Bridget Kelly released a visual for her inspirational track Not Afraid (Growing Pains) from her Summer of 17 EP.

The track itself one Kelly’s strongest, and she has a long history of strong tracks in her background.  About her own desires to succeed on her own terms, you get the feeling that you’re hearing the story as to why the singer decided to leave RocNation and pursue her dreams on her own.  While she explores her own doubt in the track, she ultimately comes to the conclusions that, no matter the outcome, she will be happy with the decisions she’s made.

The vocals of the track are brash and confident and an excellent match for the upbeat and march-like production.  Kelly pushes the limits of her vocal range but it never breaks it and she puts full emotion into every moment of the song.  The combination of the beat and her tone is intoxicating and really does feel like someone who is ready to fight for her way forward.  It’s a great song and one that deserves a place on your morning playlist as it will get you going and ready to face the trials of the day.