Elhae has finally released his first pay album and we are thoroughly surprised by it.  While he manages to maintain his core sound, he has fixed one of the few issues that some people would have with his work; monotonous production.  Adding a little flare here and there without making songs s0und overproduced or completely left field for him, this is a dynamic album that matches the strength of his lyrical and vocal abilities.

Each track is well written and contains a realness that can be so hard to find in an artist that is trying to reach the mainstream.  Of course he has songs that are fun, some that are romantic, and some that are introspective (and some that just combine all three), but they are never nonsensical or have weird asides that make you wonder how they fit into the song.  He also does a good job of balancing the rapper and singer sides of his music so that there is a nice mix of both.  And, of course, this set also contains one of our favorite Elhae tracks, Love A N***a, which is emblematic of the entire project.

If you are already of fan of his, expect to love this.  If you’re not a fan, expect to become one.

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