When she hit the scene with this song, a lot of us (after figuring out how old she was) fell in love with the spritely Mýa.  Her first album was one of the best debuts in the late nineties and this song is a good demonstration as to why: solid but lowkey vocals better than average lyrics and great production.  The fact that most of us didn’t care that we had been baited and switched on the inclusion of Dru Hill (or SisQo, depending on which video show you were watching) spoke volumes about her ability to entrance an audience.

While she experienced a bit of a notoriety fall off since release of her third album, the songstress is still grinding and making good music.  Her newly released Smoove Jones is a solid work that merges a throwback aesthetic with modern sounds all while staying true to her core sound.  Looking at this video, it’s amazing to see how little she’s changed.