Fabian Nuwa has been doing for a while in the underground scene and now he is trying to break out with his first EP.

Named after what he sees as his most productive year and featuring a nice smattering of different styles of R&B, the singer has made a pretty good debut project.  The production, while somewhat minimal at times, is varied and give the songs solid energy.  Nuwa’s voice is smooth and exhibits a good amount of control and, after the first couple of tracks, really shows a lot of potential for a bigger scope thanks to his delivery.  The lyrics are probably the least interesting part of the songs as they cover the typical subject of love in a pretty predictable way but, even then, there is respectfulness to his female subject that can sometimes be hard to find in artists of his age range.

While it’s not perfect, this is solid first attempt and we look forward to what he can bring in the future.