K. Michelle

K. Michelle just released her latest single Not A Little Bit.  As a long-time fan of hers since her mixtape/label issue days, I thoroughly enjoyed her last album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart because it embodied everything she is as an artist.  I think it’s going to be nearly impossible for her to release an album as great, let alone greater, than Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart but as a true fan I’m looking forward to whatever she has in store for us this year.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of drama going on her life right now and, as a result, I expect the direction of her music during this period to be along the lines of Not A Little Bit; lacking a personal narrative and true emotion which her fans will find a little underwhelming.  In the music industry I think two things sell well; sex and heartache.  K. Michelle, for the past few years musically, has impressed us and the industry with her ability to package and sell heartache.

I’m expecting her to release a solid album regardless, but I think it will be more of a traditional mainstream artist release as a step toward fulfilling their label agreements.  For an album this year, I would love to see three again, I expect it to have with a couple filler records like Not A Little Bit, some woman empowerment records like Sweetest Love, and creatively beautiful love songs like V.S.O.P.  I don’t except the album to be as emotionally charged and lyrically aggressive as many of her fans, including me, have become accustomed to, but an album that will nonetheless showcase how artistically creative she truly is including her single and album cover art(s).


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