Led by the strong single Timed Out, Kyle Dion’s new Painting Sounds EP is a study in deep house and R&B.

While it would be easy to write Dion off as copying The Weeknd, especially when it comes to his falsetto, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  The two singers do share some vocal similarities, but they have very different points of view.  Dion has a more hopeful and bright feeling to his music and lyrics.  Even on tracks were he talks about how bad for him a relationship is for him(Get You Alone) or dealing with heartache and haters (Another Life), there is still an underlying joy to every song; a core happiness that can’t be held back.

It didn’t seem like it at first, we realize that every track in this set is about taking advantage of the time you have either with the one you love or in your happiness.  The lyrics are strong in the entire set, simple but still evoking strong images in the listener’s mind and getting their point across in a unique way.  The production is strong as well, mid-tempo while still upbeat and danceable.  The trifecta of production, lyrics, and vocals strikes a perfect balance for the singer and something that we hope gets a ton of attention.

Painting Sounds is available for purchase from all digital outlets.