Success isn’t something that can just be plucked like low-hanging fruit; you have to time your move just right to catch that perfect moment to surf that momentum.

Marteen Esteven and Ambré Perkins understand that well enough and also know that you can’t let those who want to see you wipe out break your stride.  Their new song is about going for their success in their own way and being proud of it.  Estevez (who is 14 years old) has a light tenor tone that is indicative of his age and it absolutely works with this song, but you can hear the potential for his vocals to grow as he matures.  Perkins’s sweetheart tone brings light to the track and provides a counterbalance to the slightly darker production.  The simple, autobiographical lyrics could be flushed out a little more, but keep the song personal in an interesting way that keeps you listening.