Marissa is reminding the ladies out there that, just maybe, that guy that cheated and played around your entire relationship just ain’t shit and doesn’t care at all what happens to you.

Starting with the written titled that gives you the title, the alternate title, and shows how broken the woman in question is by simply adding brackets, the songstress breaks down in plain but honest language all the things that many women find themselves trying to explain away just to hold on to a man that barely wants to acknowledge they know each other.

Her voice is sweet in tone, but like many songs like this that have come out recently, that sweetness is the sugar that is helping the medicinal truth go down.  It helps the song come off as concerned instead of condescending or lecturing.  The production, which has a bit of love song/babymaker vibe to it, still has enough edge to not make the contrast between it and the lyrics jarring.  The lyrics also are well written in that they don’t question what she could have done to drive her man away or keep him from running the streets like he always has and focuses in on his behavior as the problem.

It’s the kind of song that let’s you get out a good cry while, simultaneously, building up your confidence to move on.