It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Ro James to release his debut album but it’s not like he’s been sitting around doing nothing.  Ever since the release of his Jack and Coke EPs, he’s been steadily previewing new music that constantly shows his ever-evolving sound.  His latest tracks, while similar in theme, are very different in style.  The more hip&B Already Knew That shows a cocky side of the singer as he asserts his sexual prowess the object of his affection; the more alt. rock New Religion shows the singer more humble in his desires for his lady.

Despite being so different, both give the singer a chance to show off his vocals ability.  Already Knew That does it through its lush harmonies that suck you in from the very beginning of the track and New Religion lets him handle the emotional weight by doing the heavy lifting in a more isolated vein.  Lyrically the songs are very different as well with the more urban track being more straightforward in its message.  Both are still well-written, however, and allow for a more dynamic view of the artists.

While we don’t know if there or any of the other loosies that James has dropped in the past few years will make it onto his album, we are still interested to hear what direction he decided to go in with it.

The upcoming album, tentatively titled El Dorado, is expected out sometime this year.