When Timbaland said that he would be dropping a mixtape for fans on Christmas, we weren’t sure what to expect.  While the producer/rapper built a career on being able to bring out the best in an artist with his production style, his recent work has been more hit and miss than his biggest decade.

What we got was a solid compilation of eighteen tracks that will remind longtime fans of his earlier sets like Life From Da Basement and the original Shock Value.  Working with artists from both the R&B and hip-hop worlds, the producer shows that, ultimately, he has really lost a thing.  While we will say that some of the tracks sound a little dated (of course, he shouts out the nineties on those, so that was likely intentional), this has something for both the longtime fans and newer listeners who might not be familiar with his work.  The production style for the entire set is dark but bumping and there is, after about track twelve, the chance that the person not listening too closely might notice the songs running together because of the similarities, but this is still enjoyable.  Definitely worth a download if you’re a Timbaland fan and worth a few streams if your favorite artist is one of the of the features.

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