We’ve seen Cheetah give her all on Unpretty RapstarWe’ve seen her pop it up in My Number.  We’ve seen her lay down the vocals on King Of Mask Singer.  It’s pretty safe to say that she will do whatever she puts her mind to.

So, for her new track Star Wars, the artist is taking shots at those who she feels are just seeking to copy styles and aren’t putting any heart or effort into their music.  Starting off with a sing-songy style, switching to trap staccato, and then going into her own somewhat conversational style, the rapper lays down the heat and we’re pretty sure some ears are burning.  While we’re sure she took a shot at Jessi (I want you to learn Korean asap first), a few of her fellow Unpretty Rapstar alums and a lot idol rappers fall into the category of posing.  Whether it’s just a general flame or she’s aiming at someone in particular, we always love this side of Cheetah and can’t wait to see more of it.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the lyrics.  To hear the song in its entirety, click the SoundCloud player.