Sorry for missing Submission Sunday, but something strange happened and it required our immediate attention.

If you have tried to download files from our site cloud service provided by OBoom, you may have noticed that very few of the links have been working.  For some reason (not having to do with issues of copyright infringement), OBoom erased almost all of our files.  While we think it was a glitch, the fact that everything was wiped out without any explanation beforehand or after we contacted tech support worried us and we decided it would be best to find new pastures.

So now all of our files will be hosted by We have already re-uploaded our files and fixed the links, so feel to retrace your steps and get the freeleases and songs that you were looking for.  We’ve also fixed the broken Ambré Perkins Wanderlust link since her personal site is down.

But, if you do happen to find a broken link somewhere on the site, please alert us to it in the comment section and we’ll get to it right away.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
The Management (Kel)

P.S. It has come to our attention that the Mega links required a download code.  The requirement has now been removed and the files can be accessed freely.