SHINee has finally released thier Japanese visual for DxDxD (Dance, Dance, Dance) and it’s a little bit like two different SHINee eras met in a time machine.

Anyone who is familiar with the group’s discography might recognize the peppy, electronic sound that marked so much of their early singles.  You might also notice some fusion with the Michael Jackson sound they (and a lot of SM artists) have been using as of late.  While the song has a good vibe to it and the members do a great job with the choreography, we can’t help but feel that there is some engagement lacking in the vocals.  This seems to be a little par for the course for a lot of the Japanese tracks that we’ve heard from Korean artists.  While it might be an aesthetic choice that could be popular in the country right now, it does diminish the replay value of songs that are, otherwise, pretty solid.

We’ll have lyrics for you as soon as possible.