Today Pandora announced it’s launching Thumbprint Radio, which they’re describing as a “hyper-personalized” station that’s based on all the songs you’ve up voted across all of your Pandora radio stations.

In the era of Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music and, to a certain extent, Tidal, I wasn’t expecting to be interested in anything that Pandora was doing, but as a advocate of music streaming and discovery this actually sounds pretty compelling.  I wasn’t aware that my likes on Pandora only influenced the specific station the tracks played on; might explain why my Kandi (Buress) station was the best one of all of them.

I did try to check this new station out, after having to reset my yahoo email (yeah, its been a long time), and didn’t see  my Thumbprint Radio so this may be something they will be rolling out soon. Once I get a chance to check it out I will share my thoughts.

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