This submission is a little different that what we normally post here; it’s more folk/rock with edge.  Still, there is something about this song and the quality of the lead singer’s voice that made us sit up and take notice.

This track has that real-life, hook-up honesty to it.  Two people meet and have a physical attraction and, for the night, pretend that there can be more to what’s about to happen than there really is…and they both know it.  This is a track that feels right for the modern era; no pretext about what’s going on and no judgement about it either.

What really caught our attention (besides the solid acoustic guitar work by group member Mike) is the fact that lead singer April has a unique vocal quality that allows her to come from a place of attitude while, simultaneously, still sounding somewhat innocent.  It’s a tone that many singers try to strike, but don’t always succeed in pulling of.  Because of this, the track has edge while still sounding uniquely feminine.

This is the first track from Fancy Face’s independent EP, Demo.  Click the arrow in the player to download this track for free.