If you aren’t familiar with the YouTube Channel JREKML, you should check it out even if you aren’t a Kpop fan.  JRE’s (Just Random Everyday) and, his cousin, KML’s (we don’t know what her name stands for) reactions to Kpop videos are range from touching to hilarious and the skits are funny.

Recently JRE has been teaming up with another Kpopper, Sal-V Maknae (the Kpop English cover king), to do some really good covers of recent Kpop hits and their latest, a cover Jay Park’s You Know, has the potential to blow up on its own.  While Sal-V has always been known for his really great voice, JRE has been surprising his fans with his better than average vocals that have steadily improved with every cover.  Together,  they make a pretty solid song their own and have us clamoring for an original track.

This is the audio version:


But, of course, the YouTubers have to do a music video.