There is some truth to the power of positivity.  While you shouldn’t have an outsized picture of your capabilities, knowing what you want out of life and realizing that you have to work to get it is the first step to getting it.  Oshea has learned that lesson well and has composed this track to speak [his dreams] into existence.

This song has an interesting vibe to it.  The dark production puts it in line with a lot of other tracks by the singer, but there is something about the him putting out there what he wants to achieve through his career that adds a level of vulnerability to it while simultaneously brightening the mood.  He states that he wants the money and the fame, but he also talks about taking care of all the people who stood by him and encouraged him as well.  The lyrics have the flow of someone just talking casually about what they want for themselves and it feels right.  Oshea’s vocals are minimal but never overpowered by the production and his delivery reinforces the idea that he’s just stating something casually instead of trying to brag about possibilities to the audience.