If there was anything that I would say is the best part of being cued in on music to the degree that you’re able to blog about it everyday is that you get the hear some of the really good tracks that never make albums.  Those gems that really could have been singles or really solid album tracks that, for one reason or another, were essentially left on the cutting room floor.  Luckily for Chris Brown fans, he has released a good many of them onto his new mixtape, Before The Party.

A lot of these tracks I recognize from the year-plus run-up to X, but there are tracks that seems more recent (an assessment made because of production style) and some that seem to date back to around the time of Fan of a Fan 2.  Not every track is a winner as there are a lot of songs that feel incomplete or just not solid, but there are quite a few really good songs to dig out of the 34-track set.

The singer’s upcoming album, Royalty, will be released December 18.

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