Apparently Crescendo Music heard our prayers and released another track from trio without making us wait a year for it.

This time around the ladies come with a somewhat retro vibe mixed with a dancey beat for a track that’s about not being ashamed to know what you want out of a relationship.  The track has a bit of an Ailee feel to it, but without the style limitations that have stymied that singer’s career in a lot of ways.  The vocals are top notch as the harmonize and coalesce with ease while still allowing each member to display her unique vocal qualities.  While the video itself may be low budget, they make the most out of what they are given.

One thing we are noticing about Purfles, they have girl power vibe through their lyrics but manage to keep things relatable to all people by focusing on situations more than just shouting out things that sound empowering but really aren’t.

The translated lyrics are a part of the video; no extra steps beyond pressing play required.