And even though she’s only one/She knows you ain’t talkin’ ’bout nothin’

Last night Monica dropped the audio to the title track for upcoming album and, we have to say, it’s something.

Produced by Polow Da Don and featuring Missy Elliott, one of the first things that you’ll probably notice about the track is that it’s bombastic and full of energy.  Missy does her thing on the verses she has and has really not lost a step.  The beatwork is bordering on chaotic in places but never completely crosses the line as it seems certain elements of it are faded out at appropriate moments so that there’s not too much going into you ear at once.  Monica takes on monotone, sing-songy rap vocal for most of the track, and it somewhat works but her more R&B tone isn’t always the best fit for the style.

The track is about the loss of individuality and meaning in mainstream music and how both radio and record companies are only looking for the next track that’s catchy enough to go into a commercial or top the charts for fifteen minutes.  The lyrics of this track are great and really get their point across without sounding like the singer is lecturing about some bygone era or making herself seem better than others.  It’s interesting to hear this critique over a beat and having Monica using a style that is more associated with what she’s decrying but, at the same time, it may help the message come across better.

Code Red is expected to drop December 18.