We did one of our first posts on his Genesis mixtape but hadn’t heard much from him since.  We should have known that, despite the fact that we haven’t heard from him in a minute, he wouldn’t stay off our radar for long.

On a track about the feeling of wanting to just live in the happiness that is love and give yourself over completely to the one you love, Lehr’s new track is both a good continuation of what he was trying to show us with Genesis as well as being a great indication of growth as an artist.  He lays down some beautifully dynamic vocals over a throwback, deep, R&B beat that seduces without being completely about sex.  There is a nice sentiment here that you don’t hear all the time in songs and it is portrayed in the lyrics in a vulnerable yet unsappy way.  This is the kind of track that sneaks up on you with how good it is and sticks with you or makes you rewind even though you thought you weren’t listening closely.

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