A lot of people have a love/hate relationship with Ray J’s music.  If you’re a fan of his voice, the thing about him that will likely upset you the most is how inconsistent his output is.  For ever track that shows his emotional and vocal range, you have others that either show his immaturity or his desire to just follow trends without lyrical authenticity.

Hopefully, this track shows the start of a new, better era.  Likely dedicating this to his current girlfriend, the singer speaks lovingly about how much he can’t wait to be with his lady at the end of the day.  There is a lot of lyrical honesty to the track as he talks about the very public fights the two have had (he is currently appearing on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood) and how it would be easy to either let go or believe that their relationship is a matter of convenience; but, he says all that matters is what the two of them know about each other.  The production is melodic without being overly sweet, which fit the theme of speaking truth without sugarcoating it.  Ray J’s vocals are nice as well, showing more control than on One Wish without seeming disinterested like on many of the tracks on Unkut 2.

Given that this has a similar quality to his previous single, Brown Sugar, we are starting to look forward to a solid outing for his upcoming album.