The Waiting Game is barely a week old and Mila J is already on to the next.

Her new track, Me & My has a different feel than the other tracks that she released.  It showcased the singer laying down clear bars that can not be mistaken for doing that monotone singing thing.  She and (we think) Ty Dolla $ign do a passible job on the track, but nothing that really makes you focus in.  The dark production gives the track an odd, in-between feel as it’s not really fast enough to be to be considered a club track, but not slow enough for a mid-tempo of down-tempo classification either.  The song has the singer repping her team and her ties, letting anyone who wants to come at her know that they will have to contend with more than just her…if they actually on her radar, that is.  The lyrics are about what you would expect from a track like this and make sense in context.  All-in-all, not a bad track but not one that has the kind of long-lasting effect that Mila J hoped.