While we don’t know how we feel about Flowsik looking like a Korean Macklemore, we do know that he has fired shots in his latest track.  Taking on the rappers from shows like Show Me The Money and the rappers that they produce, he comes for all those who he consider to be nothing more than studio rappers who can’t even flow on beat and reminds them who’s the vet in this game.  This track just runs hard and his flow is serious.  While we get the feeling that this track is about one person in particular (we don’t want to say until we’re absolutely sure), it can easily be seen as a critique of the entire Korean hip-hop industry…or hip-hop in general.

Just like The Calling, this is a bilingual track with most of the lyrics being spit in English, so most of it is easy to understand. Still, we’ll keep looking for fully translated lyrics for you.