What is this gorgeousness?!  We weren’t ready!

Mikhala Jené had to be producer Deputy’s dream.  Her voice is mellifluous and strong with just the right kind of tone that makes her able to sing many different styles in a way that makes them listenable and modern.  Her vocals can have edge, be soft and sexy, or evoke strength.

So when we clicked the first track of The Prelude, imagine our surprise that the first notes out of her mouth had us looking up from our keyboards.  Just a five-track taste of the singer’s style, this EP has definitely whet our appetite for more.  Every song’s production has a flow that is cohesive with the other tracks but not repetitive.  The lyrics are good, containing emotional honesty and are sung in a way that means you get the feeling without being beat over the head by the vocals.

Our personal favorites are W.Y.D.X.O.Me, which fuses her elegant vocals with a sample of Nicole Wray’s Make It Hot for an nice track about seeing a person’s true colors too late and Slow Down, which extolls the virtues of getting to know potential partner before heading to the bedroom.