Seeming to use a more slowed down version of the Al B. Sure Nite & Day sample that was used in Usher’s There Goes My Baby, Manny X gives us a perfect babymaker as the year slides towards winter.  Professing his love for the woman in his life, he tells her that as long as he is willing to give everything, he wants the same in return.  This isn’t about feeling shafted in a relationship; it’s about wanting two people to be devoted to each other equally.

The production sells this track right from the beginning; the slow, orchestral intro sets the mood to a tee.  Manny X’s vocals are simply wonderful as he shows a lot of range, emotion, and energy without overtaking oversinging the song.  The lyrics, while simple, express a certain level of honesty and are relatable to anyone who is in a relationship that is about to hit that next level.  There are also some good lines like, If I can’t have it all/I don’t want a piece/’Cause if Imma give my all/Then I want to have peace which get to the core of the matter very well.

This is the first single from the singer’s upcoming album, Xscapism.