The songwriter behind hits for acts like History and Ga-In, IU is has a flair for strong lyrics with catchy production.  Her latest solo track is about what it means to be 23 years old and there is a self-awareness here that I think most people don’t have at this age that shines through.  Speaking on the fact that, despite what many in the western world think, 23 is not really that grown up yet, she sings about the duality of the mind at that age.  She wants to fall in love; no, she wants to make money.  She wants to fit in to society; no, she wants to shake up the world.  She’s all grown up; no, she’s still learning about life.  All of it meshes with the fact that this is a time that you are still figuring yourself out as a separate entity from your family.  The fact that the singer is only 23 at the moment (Korean’s add a year because you are considered one at birth, she is technically only 22) speaks even more to the fact that she is capable as a writer.

Add to that the fact that the catchy, 70s-style beat makes you want to get up and dance and the fact that IU’s voice, while sweet and somewhat light, is perfect in cadence, tone, and deliver makes this a hit and very repeatable.

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