Oh snap!  MFBTY are smoothing it out!

After spending a few videos focusing on Tiger JK and Yoonmirae, Bizzy gets put to the forefront on a track about two people going through a hard time in their relationship only to end up wanting to get back together.  While the extensive autotune on this track might be a song-killer for some, the throwback vibe of it will bring some others in.  Yoonmirae does her singing on the choruses in English while Bizzy sings the verses in Korean, making for a nice mesh of languages.  The overall lyrical content is simple and pretty much what you would expect once the chorus comes in.  While it has some flaws, the song is still pretty enjoyable, especially when it’s heard in the flow of the rest of the album.

The visual has an interesting storyline as a relationship that seems beyond repair and might be just a little co-dependent in its various phases.

This track was featured on the group’s last album, Wondaland.

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