Another jam from his album The Slow Tape, Rico’s Think I’m In Love is just as R&B has ‘Til The Sun Comes Up but in another vein.  This track veers away from the more sexually charged elements of that album and focuses more the emotional side of love…or, at least we think it does.  The vocals show a different side of the singer as well, with his delivery falling more into that happy medium between jazz and R&B so that is both melodic in flow and a little rough in tone.  The bright production is the final piece to sell this track as hit has that feel good air and males you think of a good day out with someone you love.

Tracks like this present a problem for us.  While there are a lot of great K-R&B songs that we would love to bring you (South Korea seems to be one place where the genre is still going pretty strong), the fact that R&B isn’t as popular with westerners that do translations means that, unless it comes from a Jonghyun, a Crush, or an Ailee, there won’t be a translation of the lyrics.  And while we have no problems taking these tracks as is, we understand it can be harder for some to get into without that element of understanding.

We’ll keep looking for lyrics for this but Rico is kind of underground, so we’ll likely turn up empty.