We’ve all been there; you get into a relationship with someone who seems cool in the beginning until you realize that everything they do is calculated to get what they want out of you.  GOT7 feels you and their new track really reminds us all that there is a method that everyone like this follow.  Over a beat that sounds like it could be an 80s R&B track considering how mellow it is, the boys let out their feelings towards a manipulative lover who always has to have things her way.  While all the members sound good, what really makes the track work for the theme is the voice of the woman in question speaking to them and showing just what they are dealing with (she speaking in English, BTW).  Just about everyone knows someone who sounds and has used words like this against them, so it entire track is extremely relatable.

The visual has the members looking all grown up now and taking on a more mature tone from that of Just Right, which was released only two months ago.

Click the [CC] button on the player to see the translated lyrics.