MAX has released the pop-fuel Ms. Anonymous and, while the ride is short, we enjoyed every minute of it.

The project was led by Gibberish, a horn-tinged island melody backed up by handclap and snare drums.  That is followed by the more pop/rock title track and Hotel Confidential, both of which really showcase the singer’s vocals in a way that highlights his ability to travel the between the tenor and falsetto with easy as well as his harder tone.  The final track, You’re Not That Girl, that reminded us a little of In The Still Of The Night for some reason.   Each track is surprisingly high energy (if not necessarily upbeat) and that’s entirely due to the enthusiasm in MAX’s voice.  His vocals track center stage on every track without being to verbose for the productions or oversung.  The lyrics, while nothing new, are solid and convey heartbreak and love in realistic terms.  Gibberish and Hotel Confidential make the price worth it, but all four tracks are good and worth a few listens.

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