JP and Rich Gains are the production duo known as Blended Babies and, apparently, they really are into Anderson .Paak.  So much so that they have released a new EP that features the singer on every track.  While also featuring King Chip and Asher Roth, it is definitely .Paak’s style and odd soulfulness that takes the forefront.  Nowhere is that more apparent than on the track Make It Work.

About the balancing a relationship by weighing the substantive things that you care about in a person and the good times you share against the bad times, this track has a strong neo-soul influence that works with .Paak’s vocals.  The lyrics are strong and speak in more than platitudes about what relationships are about.  Asher Roth’s verse, while short, feels right at home on the track and stays on theme; plus his mellow delivery is a nice counterpoint to .Paak’s smokier tone.

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