Despite the fact that the two have split, Christina Milian has released her long-awaited track Do It with a feature by Lil Wayne.

While the BTS of this track really sparked a lot of interest when it popped up earlier this year, the final product is not what a lot of us were expecting.  The sounds are nearly identical, but minute changes in the production volume and the addition of some extra autotune seem to take the steam out of this one.

One of the things that has kept Milian in people’s minds as a singer is that she does have a natural warmth to her voice that, when allowed to shine through, can really help sell a track.  The autotune takes that sexiness out and you’re left feeling a little cold.  On the up side, the lyrics for the track are pretty good and Wayne’s verse is on theme and adds some much needed energy.  The song is by no means awful, but a few different choices in production could have made the difference.