With a funky sound and a feature from Nice and Smooth’s Greg Nice, Al Chauncy is seeking to start off promotion for his new album on the good foot.  Offering a little more upbeat flavor this time around but with the same soul, the singer lets a woman know that he might be a little tipsy off her good love.  The song strikes a good chord with the ear from the moment it starts playing with it’s bombastic drum and well-placed horns.  Chauncy’s vocals are a great match for the track, giving off energy and fun with every note.  Greg Nice’s verse, while short, add a little something to the track and sticks very closely to the theme of the track.  The lyrical metaphor is carried pretty well throughout the track and has the added benefit of making this a good party track for a wide audience.

The single will be available for purchase tomorrow.  Check back for updated links.